Anyone Can Create A Meme

Even I can do it. The top part in white text has been going around the internet, the bottom part in black text is my contribution.

Here is something to think about; Donald Trump has been in the public eye for at least 30 years. He has been on many talk shows and done thousands of interviews including Oprah Winfrey and he even testified before a Senate committee. He has employed hundreds of thousands of people over his long career. He has always been a braggadocios guy but never accused of the things found in this meme. Why now?

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Vote for who you want but be honest. Many of the same people making this false accusations are the same people crying truth. Ironic isn’t it?

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Rubio showed EXACTLY what is wrong with our political system

Marco Rubio High School
Marco Rubio High School

During Thursday nights debate Marco Rubio demonstrated EXACTLY what is wrong with our political system, it is run by people who do not understand the real world. It is run by people who went to law school then ran for political office—just like Marco did.

Anybody, and there will be plenty, that think Rubio got the best of Donald Trump knows nothing about business. Rubio was on fire and went after Trump, good for him..I like good heated debates. But here are a few things to take away from some of the fiery exchanges.

1. Allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines is the single best thing to bring competition to insurance industry which will in turn drive down premiums and create more options. Rubio pressed Trump for his plan. Trump responded there will be lots of plans. He is correct, eliminating Obama Care and opening the markets will drive many plans into the market place, its called free markets Marco as a conservative perhaps you have heard of them?  Politicians think you need a government plan, Wrong Marco…

2. Making your products where they are most cost effective is called common sense. You do not manufacture a product at a cost that prevents it from being competitive. Because you want to make production more competitive in America doesn’t mean you have to make a lousy business decision in the meantime.

3. Filing BK is part of entire financial industry. It is a tool used everyday. Without it we would have little investment capital in the market place. Of course Marco has no experience filing BK he has never done anything other than run for and hold political office.

4. Not every venture an entrepreneur endeavors in succeeds, in fact most fail. Like most movies lose money. This escapes professional politicians who have never worked in the real world, created anything, made a payroll or started a business, who instead chose law school and than ran for political office. What they know are sound bites and rhetoric. Marco showed his skill set tonight.

5. There is nothing wrong with borrowing or getting money from your father to start a business. It is how many people get their start. Parents and family should be the first place children go to help with starting a business or buying their first home.  Politicians think you need a government program. Wrong Marco…

5. Playing in the sandbox that is constructed does not mean you can’t want a better sandbox. Outsourcing jobs, using tax breaks, BK laws, supporting different politicians, immigrant labor, etc…is the sandbox we now have. Trump and others want to change that. Marco is happy with the way it is apparently.

What Rubio actually did tonight was show the thinking people of America exactly what is wrong with our system. He demonstrated just how out of touch —professional politicians —are with the real world.

You may not like Trump for various reasons, Rubios exchanges however, should not be one of them.

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Donald Trump made a Knight of The Round Table

“By speaking out and saying it as it is and by disavowing political correctness his appeal to voters young and old has surprised many who themselves were blinded by the Washington machine.”

“Donald J Trump has cracked the grip that the media and big corporations have had over politics”

John and Irina Mappin of the usually private and historic Mappin family who are the current custodians of Camelot Castle and the Round Table and whom announced the honour today, see what Mr. Trump has done to the political process as pure oxygen to a culture that has become politically stagnant. They continued:

“For Decades Politicians have been in the pay of vested interests and corporate lobbyists.”

“Trump does not need their money and so he is in a unique position of being truly independent.”

“His special interest is the American people.”

“Henceforth Donald J Trump shall be known at Camelot Castle as Sir Donald Trump of Camelot. The Camelot Knighthood and honour is hereditary with the title passing to each of his children and in turn their grandchildren. His wife Melania will be known at Camelot Castle as Lady Melania of Camelot.”

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There was a disagreement among his advisers on how best to respond…..150 Million Gone!!!

Not sure how to answer question
Not sure how to answer question

The problem is simple, when you have to have advisors tell you what your answers should be you should not be running for anything. It is far better to be yourself with all your imperfections than pretend to be something you are not.

No one person is going to please everyone, so you mine as well be truthful to yourself.

What happened to 150 million dollars ???

Anti-Trump Network-Why Fox News and Every Other Elitist Hate Donald Trump

Since the time of his announcement to run for President Trump has taken a strong stand against —illegal— immigration. The party establishments, big donors, party elites and the media all laughed at him. The American people listened.

Make no mistake the real reason Donald Trump is hated so much is do to his stance on— illegal— immigration. Watch as even Ultra-liberal Chris Matthews agrees.

The issue however, is not a Democrat verse Republican issue, it is establishment elites on both sides that want to continue to allow mass —illegal— immigration.

Both Democrats and Republican elites like— illegal —immigration it brings in cheap labor.

With the Democrats campaign— if your against- illegal- immigration you are against all immigration and a racist,  they have the added benefit of increasing their voting block. Just look at what California recently did to insure no Republican will ever win another election in that state.

Both the President and CEO of Right Wing Fox News wants illegal immigration, that’s the reason Fox attacks him. Look at who Fox will be having ask questions at the debate.  Some YouTube stars?

Immigration has been an issue that has been kicked down the road for decades. Unable to laugh him off, elitist from both sides, wanting to keep it that way are now left trembling in their boots and they will stop at nothing to take Trump down.



A Rose by any other name…

Rose Hamid has drawn mass media attention after she silently protested at a South Carolina Trump rally. The picture has been drawn of a quiet woman who just wanted people to— see what a Muslim looks like. The reality tells a different story.Rose_Hamid CNN

Regardless of who Rose Hamid is, or what her intention may have been, the fact is, no one has the right to come into a rally like the one in South Carolina and protest silently or otherwise. Protests are reserved for the public square. Not private events or other venues like the Trump rally.

Freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to attend someones birthday party and protest. The person celebrating his or her birthday has the right to enjoy their party without such a disturbance.

Likewise you or I don’t have the right to attend a music concert, movie, sporting event etc.. and protest. The participants and other spectators have the right to enjoy the event peaceably.

According to Rose this is something she was doing until she stood in protest:

Hamid said on CNN that the Trump supporters seated near her “were lovely.” She said they had conversations throughout the evening and even shared popcorn. But Hamid said a “hateful crowd mentality” took over after she stood up. 

The fact is protesters are removed from these and other types of events all the time…The person or organization holding the event has the right to grant admission and right to ask someone to leave at their discretion.

Clinton campaign throws out Black Lives Matter protesters is just one of many examples.

Ironically the peace loving Rose Hamid, champion of freedom of speech does not believe ALL speech is—Free

Here is what she said when newspapers were distributing the Movie Obsession:
“That film definitely is something that would be considered hate speech,” said Rose Hamid, president of Muslim Women of the Carolinas. “What if somebody put an (advertising) insert in saying Hitler was right? Would you carry that? … This is unacceptable.”

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