Bill Moran

Warning !!!

Be careful, you can't do that!!!

Says who? Realize it or not, most of us grow up being told things like, "be careful", "don't take chances", and avoid risk. This well meaning advice comes from all around us, beginning with our parents who don't want to see us get hurt. It continues throughout our life from friends, sometimes envious who don't want to see us succeed. And it often can come from within us in the form of "fear of failure". But no matter where it comes from they only way to succeed in life is to learn to ignore this negativity.

Be Careful

You can't get anywhere in life without taking chances, the evidence is all around us. One of the best examples of this is Bill Gates, whom without I probably would not be typing on this keyboard, and you would not be reading this message on a computer screen. A Harvard drop-out, Bill had an idea and passion that would change the world. Much to the disappointment of his parents, Bill decided to not take the safe way and he left Harvard to puruse his passion of writing computer software. His parents, I am sure, were probably a bit disheartened at the time.

These kinds of examples surround us. Yet our culture, in large, continues to warn us against taking chances and to be careful. Can you imagine what life we would be like if everyone followed that advice, rather than took a risk and pursued their dream?

BIG ideas, are almost never thought to be prudent