Bill Moran

Personal Coaching

In my upcoming book I dive into what I feel is the single biggest mistake most of us make in our personal lives. We neglect to live a balanced life. One of my greatest mentors taught me many years ago, life needs four areas of constant development to be balanced. In my book I go into detail on each of these areas.

Learn how to Live a Completely Balanced Life

  1. Discover the 4 legs a balanced human beings life
  2. Recognize when one leg is weak
  3. How to develope each leg for maximum balance
  4. The overlapping synergy between each area of human life

Understanding and developing these four basic areas of life and learning how to coordinate them has helped me immensely. At different times in life, each area maybe suffering or needing work. The idea is to have all four in perspective so when one is troubled, the other three prevent your life from dissolving into total chaos. We this or even experience this personally with great regularity.

There is a balance that is struck when in incorporating each area of life once balance has been achieved in each area independently.

I can help you in each of these four areas by providing insight as well as practical steps to take moving forward. Even the smallest change in just one area can bring positive results into each other area and you life it total.

When you don't need therapy but do need someone to talk with, someone that has been there someone with practical sound advice call me.

Interview Skills and Resume Creation

  1. What does your resume say about you?
  2. Do your interview skills match the position you are applying for?
  3. What type of position are your actual skills best suited for?

I can help you create a resume that will stand out to future employers, as well as coach you to hone your interview skills.

Learn How to Have Fun Without Drinking

Do you need to be drunk to have a "Good Time"? If so you might have an emotional problem blocking you from enjoying yourself with or without alcohol

  1. Evaluate the influence alcohol has in your life
  2. AA is NOT the only solution
  3. You can learn to become a responsible social drinker