Bill Moran


Bill has been starting and growing business since he was 12 years old beginning with his gardening business where he marketed his labor around the local neighborhood in New York. At the age of 19, he bought a truck and started his own electrical contracting business. At 23 he moved to Southern California, and soon after he studied for and received his Real Estate license.

After a failed attempt at starting a real estate business part-time, he decided to give it a try full-time. Going months without a sale, Bill went into the office for what he thought was his final day only to have sold a home. The sale had a quick close, and Bill was able to keep trying his hand at real estate. After struggling for a few more months things started turning around, and he became one of the top producers in the office.

Tom Hopkins
Bill with Tom Hopkins

The owners of the office recognized Bill's knack for helping and teaching others, and they asked him to be the office recruiter and trainer for new sales people. Always enjoying a challenge, Bill accepted the role and began building what was once an average office into a highly productive franchise.

His success led a new franchise owner to recruit Bill to build his company from the ground floor. The responsibilities were enormous. Bill not only recruited sales people from scratch, but in addition, hired all the necessary personnel, purchased computers and software, designed advertising and much more. This opportunity provided invaluable experiences that would remain with Bill his entire career. Having built the company to a top award winner in the local area, Bill decided to take another chance at managing a large independent firm. While that opportunity proved to be educational, Bill decided he wanted to get back into sales and out of management, where he in effect, built companies for others.

Centurion Award
Century 21 Centurion Award

Shortly thereafter Bill was approached by the owner of a successful independent mortgage banking company. Combined with his thirst for knowledge and an interest in finance, Bill decided to transition into mortgage lending. The owner quickly realized Bill's potential and offered him an opportunity to mange his firm. Bill declined the opportunity and continued to grow his mortgage lending practice. The owner, being persistent, offered Bill an opportunity to take over a fledgling division within his larger company. Bill agreed on the condition that he would enjoy full autonomy. They agreed, and went on to build a highly successful branch together.

After 3 years Bill then decided it was time to go on his own. With the downturn in the real estate market, Bill lost 3 investment properties he had acquired over the years. With only a few dollars left in his pocket, he wasn't afraid to start from scratch.

His success would not be gained overnight. The Northridge earthquake hit Southern California 3 weeks after having opened his new offices. Unable to finalize most of the business the company had developed, Bill found himself in trouble. Staff had to be paid, and he quickly owed the IRS. Tempted to give up and having been offered numerous opportunities to go back into management he decided to stick it out. It would turn out to be a great decision but not before some even harder times. The earthquake caused him to lose his personal residence. Without any money being generated, he was left to sleep in his office until he reluctantly agreed to stay with a friend.

The real estate market remained depressed for several more years but Bill managed to build his business by remaining steadfast and finding niche opportunities. The company he started while sleeping in the office went on to employ over 50 people in several states. Along the way were countless challenges with staff, government regulations, IRS, lawsuits, employee embezzlement.

U.S. patent
U.S. Patent

Bill has also recently been awarded a business patent. This was a process that took over five years of persistent hard work and handling rejections.

He also formed a successful insurance brokerage business that he recently sold.

Developed several software programs and helped create a Real Estate Investment fund.