Bill Moran

The Four Legged Chair

Early in my Real Estate career, a friend took me to a sales performance seminar given by Tom Hopkins. I attended the program hoping to learn more about selling Real Estate and left with a seed planted in me that would gradually change my life.

At the time, Tom Hopkins was regarded as "the best of the best" in Real Estate and Sales training. I was excited to be able to listen to him and more excited to meet with him after his presentation. However, I was not expecting to hear how Tom began his speech and was forever changed by it.

Tom began by asking the audience if they wanted to live a better life and to be more successful in everything they did, not just real estate sales. This introduction was met with great enthusiasm, but one thing he said surprised most people in attendance. He began by stating that every human beings life is like a four legged chair and that each of us needed to have all four legs to balance ourselves just like a four legged chair. You of course could balance yourself on a three legged chair but if one leg got weak you would fall every time. If you four legs then, if one leg got weak you could still balance yourself with the other three. It was a simple analogy that made perfect sense. He went to explain that the four areas of any human being life needed for success were:

1. Emotional well being 2. Physical well being 3. Financial well being 4. Spiritual well being

These were in no particular order but each needed to be developed and worked on. We need to:

1, work on keeping our emotions in check, donít get too high in the good times and donít get to down in the bad times, there are after all forces on either side that are usually beyond our control.

2, We need to take care of ourselves physically itís an old clichť that goes; what good is for a man to spend his life getting rich only to spend his riches getting well? Eat a balanced diet take things in moderation and get some regular exercise. 3, Many of us often place unnecessary financial burdens on ourselves by spending more then we make, using credit cards to get what we want and living beyond our means places a huge un seen burden on us. Entrepreneurs and sales people are more prone to this; we are always expecting that big deal to close. 4, spiritual Tom said was one that too many of us totally neglect all together, yet it is arguably the most important one. Whatever it is you believe in you should spend time nurturing. Many of us claim to believe in God, yet we give him little to no thought, until we need something, then we are asking for Gods help. It is kind of ironic. We wouldnít expect a friend to treat us that way, only coming around when we need something, yet this is exactly how we treat God, at least I was how I was acting. Tom didnít spend too much time on the subject, but instead informed the group if we wanted to know about this, he would send us some information if we dropped our business card with him at the end of the program.

Wanting to learn as much as I could and having such a high regard for Tom, I left my card with him. It was some weeks later that Tom sent some information. Like Tom at the seminar, I wonít go into too much detail here except to say I am forever indebted to Tom for pointing me in the right direction. I had always believed in God, but regretfully just never gave him much thought. It took some years and itís a path I still travel, but the journey has truly changed my life. Thanks for the seed you planted Tom