Breaking: Trump Appoints Special Investigator

After the severe backlash President Trump has received following the Washington Post revelation that President Trump may have leaked highly classified information to Russia. The President has reluctantly agreed to appoint special team to investigate whether or not he violated any laws.

President Trump has announced he will appoint the same team that investigated President Obama’s potential leaking of classified information to Russia. Here is who President Obama appointed

Remember When President Obama Banned Iraqi Refugees?

I had forgotten about the ban myself, after-all 2011 seems like a lifetime ago. While everyone is getting hysterical about President Trumps immigration ban President Obama took similar action when it was discovered that terrorists had made entry into the United States. Obama felt our screening processes needed to be evaluated.

Click here to watch the ABC news report that prompted President Obama’s 6 month ban

Another interesting fact largely going ignored is that the 7 countries that are effected by the ban come from a list that Obama administration created. Click here to read how the previous administration arrived at their conclusion to include these Countries.

We all want to be a welcoming Nation but we should go about it safely and prudently









The Real Reason People Hate Trump

While many people do not like Donald Trump, and there are good reasons. In fact there are good reasons not to like anybody. We all include and exclude certain people from our lives for a variety of reasons. Not everyone will agree with everybody all the time. Even many who like some of Trumps policy proposals don’t like Trump the person.
But when it comes to what we have seen from protesters, walking around as vaginas, and non-stop insults from those in media, there is mostly one reason for this level of HATE .
After all Trump has been in the public eye for most of his adult life. Known for a big ego and being a bore is nothing new. Some liked his persona, while others were critical of his braggadocios style and multiple marriages. He had his TV show and built his buildings, all the while no-one accused him of being a racist or anti-woman (the now default adjectives for someone you don’t agree when you can not formulate a coherent argument against them). 
Imagine though had he chosen to run as a Democrat as many Republicans felt he should. I dare say he would be a hero. This was never a choice, Hillary was the forgone candidate this time around just ask Bernie Sanders for more on that.
No-one is really upset by his stance on immigration after-all both Hillary and Bill Clinton had virtually the same position prior to the election . And President Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any of his predecessors.
No-one really thinks Trump is a racist because he is not 
No-one really thinks he is a misogynist because he is not
No-one is really concerned about gay marriage either, Hillary opposed that too. She once eloquently defended traditional view of marriage.
Noin the end —the real reason people HATE Donald Trump is Abortion 
These same haters mostly people on the left were not worried about women’s rights when Bill Clinton was taking advantage of young interns in the White-house. They didn’t even care when President Clinton lied under oath about it. Instead they reminded those that did complain that it was just about sex. Back then having a young and impressionable intern get under the desk in the Oval Office was A – OK.  That is because Bill Clinton, like his wife were “Pro-Choice” and supported Planned Parenthood.
Trump however has said he is Pro-Life and this my friends is unacceptable to many. It is the one issue that there is no reaching across the aisle and finding consensus on. Reaching across the aisle, finding consensus and healing is what Democrats tell Republicans they should do after a Republican wins an election. According to Democrats, whenever a Republican wins an election there is a lot of healing that needs to take place. When Democrats win elections the “People have spoken”— even the dead ones — and they tell us they have mandate.
If Donald Trump however, held a news conference tomorrow and said; “I have changed my stance” and announced that he was now “Pro-Choice” and fully supported Planned Parenthood —both the killing and chopping up of body parts for resale —the same people building pinatas and teaching their children to beat them, the same people who walk around town wearing vagina costumes, the same people who belittled Trumps 10 year old son, the same people who mock everything Trump says or does, even though he stood up for Women Blacks and other minorities, would declare that he is open minded and tolerant.

Another Beauty Contestant Comes Forward About Trump Not Good

Trump Calls Women Killers

Katie Blair, Miss Teen USA of 2006 and Miss California USA of 2011.

More Disturbing Story’s About Trump

Donald Trumps History with Women in Beauty Pageants 

Tara Conner

What Miss California 2009 has to say about Donald Trump


How the Trump Rosie Feud Got Started You Won’t Believe This

trump odonnell

Trump Calls Women Killers


This Wounded Warrior Has A Message For Donald Trump No One Is Going To Like

bob henline

After joining the army at 17 in 1992, Bobby Henline served our country with valor. He was honorably discharged in 1998, got married, and started a family. Then, 9/11 happened, and Bobby, at age 30, re-enlisted, going all out to help the fight against Islamic terrorism. It was on his fourth tour that his Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb. Only Bobby survived, but barely. With burns covering 38% his body, he wanted to die. Bobby found his salvation in his family.

Now he has a message for Donald Trump

This WOUNDED WARRIOR Has Some Wise Words For Donald Trump That Will Infuriate Liberals!


Rosie O’Donnell Destroys Miss USA & Donald Trump

If you ever wondered why Trump is so insulting towards Rosie O’Donnell this video will show you exactly how it all began.

Right from the start Rosie, while hosting the show “The View”, absolutely ridicules Tara Conner, 2006 Miss USA, her tone is condescending not only towards Tara, but also towards beauty pageant contestants in general. She says contestants like to party and do crack….

Trump held a press conference after it was discovered that Tara, the 2006 winner of Miss USA, was out partying. People were calling for Tara to lose her crown and Trump decided to give Tara a second chance. Rosie did not like that. She decides to make fun of Tara for crying at the press and apologizing for her inappropriate behavior as Miss USA.

Next Rosie rips into Trump while swooping her air to mimic Trumps unusual hairstyle.

One of the co-hosts attempts to defend Trump and inject a bit of balance to the discussion by correctly pointing out that Trump is a business man who had an obligation to the Miss USA franchise. Rosie was having none of that. She calls Trump a “snake oil sales man”, who has filed “multiple bankruptcies” and “inherited all his money from his family”. All untrue.

Donald Trump, with money from his family, has built a highly successful Real Estate business, like his father. He did get money from his father something he talks about in his first book called “the Art of The Deal” and he left Brooklyn/Queens to build skyscrapers in Manhattan, against his fathers wishes. He has never sold “snake oil” , literally or figuratively. He has built some of the most beautiful buildings and golf courses around the world. He has also had some business failings.

Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, several of his business ventures have. This is something that happens everyday in America, as the co-host correctly tried to make Rosie aware of. Again Rosie was having none of it and chose to stick to her to her own false narrative even after being corrected.

It is painfully obvious Rosie does not like Donald Trump and the only thing that led to her tirade was her bitter, ugly, and nasty hatred. There was no reason for Rosie to have done this. You might not like how Trump responded, he was brutal, calling Rosie a slob and disgusting, but the fact is Rosie was, and continues to be nasty and vile herself.

Trump has also helped out other pageant contestants

Trump, Beauty Contestants & Rosie O’Donnell

Alicia MachadoIn an attempt to savage Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton brought about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado’s accusations that Trump called her slurs and was critical of her weight gain after winning the Miss Universe Title.

However, according to a report form CNN dating back to 1997, Trump said that although Machado put on 60 pounds in just nine months, there’s just no way he would strip away her title, putting to bed rumors that her weight was threatening her continued possession of the Miss Universe title, which she won in 1996.

“Some people when they have pressure eat too much. Like me. Like Alicia,” said Trump, who was executive producer of the Miss Universe Pageant at the time.

Trump worked with her to lose weight and continue with her responsibilities as Miss Universe. She also appears to be walking back some of her claims when interviewed by Megyn Kelly after the debate 9/27/2016

Melissa Young

Recently, 2005 Miss Wisconsin, Melissa Young, showed up at a Trump rally despite her doctors orders. Melissa suffers from an autonomic disease which is incurable. It took a few moments for Trump to realize who she was. This video is so moving, as Melissa recounts what Trump did for her and her Mexican-American son.

Tara Conner

Tara ConnerWhile remaining critical of Trumps choice of words at times during his campaign, 2006 Miss USA , Tara Conner, is still thankful to Trump for helping her overcome drug and alcohol abuse. After it came to light that Tara was indulging in illegal drug use and sexual indiscretions, Trump was pressured to fire Conner. Instead he had this to say, “I’ve always been a believer in second chances. Tara is a good person. Tara has tried hard. Tara is going to be given a second chance,” Trump said at a press conference, referring to allegations of Conner’s drug use, underage drinking and sexual indiscretions.

Rosie O’Donnell

trump odonnellNo— Rosie is not a former beauty queen….However, after Trump decided not to fire Tara Conner, Rosie O’Donnell decided to go on a tirade against Trump. While a host of “The View”, O’Donnell said; she doesn’t “enjoy” Trump and said he went bankrupt , she added that Trump is “not a self-made man” but a “snake-oil salesman on Little House On The Prairie,” and she proceeded to slam his multiple marriages: “[He] left the first wife — had an affair. [He] had kids both times, but he’s the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America. Donald, sit and spin, my friend.” This started the decade long feud that continues till today, both have slung some pretty good mud at each other over the years with no end in site.

Mark Cuban’s Solution to Immigration

Mark Cuban is invested in a company called Converus. It is a lie detection program that scans your eye… “EyeDetect”

He believes this company could be a solution to immigration challenges.  Maybe Hillary Clinton can help him get a government contract that will use his product