The Slippery Slope Has Become A Downhill Slalom

When President Trump said: “I wonder, is it George Washington next week?”  after protesters sought to remove the Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Va, critics responded by saying that Trump was being ridiculous and over reacted. Watch the video here. He added: “You are changing history and you are changing culture”

When people said that NFL players should stand for the National Anthem—that there were many other ways to protest— critics responded— that the players had the right to kneel during  the National Anthem, the one thing that that unites us. You are literally kneeling in protest of the one thing that gives you the right to protest.

Now the California NAACP is pushing to get rid of the National Anthem that they’re calling racist and anti-black. “This song is wrong; it shouldn’t have been there, we didn’t have it ’til 1931, so it won’t kill us if it goes away,” said the organization’s president Alice Huffman.

Our history is no doubt filled with mistakes and injustice, but it also what has brought us here —arguably the greatest country in the world. Of course not everyone feels the same way.  That is one of the hallmarks of our freedom. Today we seem so capable of relinquishing this very idea in the name of not offending others. 

No one is perfect— not you— nor I— nor anyone holding or aspiring to hold political office. Therefore no country is perfect, after-all a country is made up of its people. This was recognized by the founders themselves and what made the constitution a remarkable document. It allows us to keep arguing, debating, protesting and challenging ourselves.

Make no mistake while many of those opposing statues, anthems and other parts of American history know little if anything about our true history— many others seek to eliminate the constitution all together. And why not? After-all it was written by racist slave owners they argue. What they want to replace it with remains unknown.

Although many of the founding Fathers continued to own slaves others recognized its evil. Ultimately it was only a matter of time before those holding slaves recognized the contradiction. Read: How to Understand Slavery and the American Founding

Is there a need to replace the constitution ? Frederick Douglass, for one, believed that the government created by the Constitution “was never, in its essence, anything but an anti-slavery government.” Douglass was born into slavery in Maryland but escaped and eventually became a prominent spokesman for free blacks in the abolitionist movement. “Abolish slavery tomorrow, and not a sentence or syllable of the Constitution need be altered,” he wrote in 1864.

To ignore our history, as flawed as it is, will eventually lead to loss of the freedom we have to keep progressing forward.

The American experiment was unique and improbable in 1776, when Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence and the American colonies defied Britain, the most powerful nation on earth at the time. As we look around the world at how difficult it is for democracy and freedom to take hold and flourish, America seems like a political miracle. Continue reading….