Hillary Mocks Young Sanders Supporters “Living In Their Parents Basement”

sanderbackstabbedAnother hack— another revelation— into the true Hillary Clinton. She says Bernie Sanders supporters live in their parents basement. In the audio, Hillary ironically talks about how we grew the economy in the 1990’s. Here is segment from a State of the Union Speech from President Bill Clinton in the 1990’s

Clinton says we are a Nation of Laws….Watch Video

Hillary Clinton explains why she felt so many Democratic voters, many of whom “live in their parents’ basement” were gravitating to Sanders. Ironically, for a presidential candidate that touts the economic recovery the US is going through, she admits these “children of the Great Recession” don’t see much of a future…

We all know now Bernie never had a chance, the DNC rigged the primary for Hillary from the beginning. 

Listen to the hacked audio of Hillary


Mark Cuban’s Solution to Immigration

Mark Cuban is invested in a company called Converus. It is a lie detection program that scans your eye… “EyeDetect”

He believes this company could be a solution to immigration challenges.  Maybe Hillary Clinton can help him get a government contract that will use his product




If you think Donald Trump has some outrageous ideas, wait until you meet Germany’s AfD party.

Frauke Petry
Frauke Petry

Meet Germany’s version of Donald Trump

Like Trump, her rhetoric hasn’t damaged AfD support but rather struck a chord with those disgruntled with the establishment parties, in particular nabbing voters unhappy with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy for refugees. Continuing reading what is happening in Germany