Forget Religion Even An Atheist Should Be Pro-Life

We Now Know Life Begins at Fertilization


That human life begins at conception is a scientific fact, and has been recognized as such since the early 19th century when fertilization of the ovum by the sperm was first observed in the laboratory. That life begins at conception is as much a scientific fact as heliocentrism, and the fact that the earth is round, and that water is H2O.

A new human being comes into existence at the fusion of the egg and the sperm. The new human being develops through stages, and at each stage of human development — zygote, embryo, fetus, neonate, infant, child, adolescent, adult — the individual is a human being. There is no scientific debate about this.

There is, regrettably, a lot of denial of this scientific fact, most of it from those who find it necessary to deny the humanity of the human being whose life is ended by abortion.

So forget Religion even atheists should be pro-life it is totally scientific

Unless of course you think killing people for convenience is acceptable…


Veteran ABC News Reporter Threatened With Arrest Trying To Question Clinton Donor

Brian Ross, a veteran news reporter with ABC news was threatened with arrest after attempting to question a Clinton donor who was placed on Security Board

Rajiv Fernando, the donor, resigned two days after ABC News asked questions.


He Could Have Done So Much Good With 33 Million- Instead He Chose This…

He could have done so much more with 33 Million dollars. He could helped schools, businesses, built parks, helped single mothers, etc…


Hillary Clinton’s biggest donor and supporter, George Soros donated $33million to social justice organizations which helped turn events in Ferguson from a local protest into a national flashpoint.

They Could Not Help Hillary Anymore Than They Have….

The media does not even try to hide their bias any longer. This was from two years ago—Nothing has changed. Now she has the Department of Justice doing all they can.

Recently the DOJ decided to not investigate the Clinton foundation even with all of this evidence


If Hillary and her devious DNC disciples stab a good man like Bernie in the back, how can she be trusted with the keys to the White House?


If you supported Hillary Clinton for President you might be inclined to think what she and the DNC did to Bernie is OK. Human beings have a unique capacity to rationalize things especially when they go in our favor. We say things like:

“Everyone does it”

“The media is blowing it out of proportion”

or worse… deny that it happened at all

The problem is you will be outraged when that same person conspires to do something  you do NOT agree with. You will have no one to blame…

Even progressive-liberal Piers Morgan understand this fundamental principle read his piece on the dailymail here: Piers Morgan

Black Queer Protester Removed from Clinton Fundraiser …..

It looks like Donald Trump is NOT the only candidate removing protesters from campaign events

The protester had this to say to a Washington Post reporter

“As a black queer person, I understand how I don’t always get to be in control of how I’m perceived in spaces,” Williams said. “I’m especially not always in control of the way I’m perceived when I’m raising my voice to speak out against injustices. So I’m not surprised that I was told that I was being rude.” Read the whole story at the Washington Post here

Here are some other people Hillary Clinton has removed from events:

This guy was removed when he held up a sign the read:

“Yes Ms. Clinton it does make a difference”

Black Lives Matter Protesters were removed when they came to complain about Hillary’s support for the death penalty.

Not to be outdone by his wife Bill Clinton has protesters removed too:

This guy is a Marine who came to ask a question Bill did not like