What Do Abe Lincoln And Colin Powell Have In Common ?

They are both Republicans, (although Powell votes Democrat now), Hillary blamed both of them for her behavior.


Hillary claimed she was referencing Abe Lincoln when it was discovered that she told banking executives that she has— “both a public and a private position” —on Wall Street reform and is reliant on wealthy donors to fund her campaign.

Although she could not remember  much else, Hillary blamed Colin Powell as the reason for setting up a private email server.

Who or what will she blame next ? Her concussion ?  Meanwhile Trump groped another woman

More Women Come Forward About How Trump Treated Them He Calls Them “Killers”

During the second Presidential debate Trump was asked what the one thing he admired about Hillary Clinton was? He answered, “I will say this about Hillary, she doesn’t quit, and she doesn’t give up. She’s a fighter.” In deed Trump admires that instinct in any one, male or female.

From Lisa Belkin @ Yahoo news

As he told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week”: “I’ve had such an amazing relationship with women in business. They are amazing executives. They are killers.”


Barbara Res says, before his bodyguards, his bestselling books, and his comb-over, back when there were just six people in the entire Trump Organization, back when Trump drove his own limo to Res’ father’s funeral because the chauffeur was off that day. Overnight Res went from earning $25,000 as an assistant supervisor to $55,000 as vice president. She had never run a project before, but “he told me he knew I could” build Trump Tower, she says.

Blanche Sprague tells a similar story. She entered the real estate business as a 19-year-old divorcBlanche Spragueed single mother who worked her way up through the sales part of the business, landing on Trump’s radar at a meeting where she more than held her own in a roomful of men. He said something like “I love that mouth, and I have to have it,” before offering her a job at about the same time as Res.

Sarah Malone (Executive Vice President of Trump International)

More recently, one woman with a particularly high profile at the Trump Organization is Sarah Malone, executive vice president of the Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen, Scotland. She got her start with the organization when Trump plucked her out of nowhere and put her in charge.

Read the whole story from Lisa Belkin at Yahoo News 

rowanne-brewer-a-435No doubt Trump speaks with crass and uses vulgarity at times, lets face it he has lived a colorful life, but his actions tell a more diverging story. And while the media continues to portray Trump as a misogynist, at least one past girl friend of Trump, Brewer Lane, tells a different story, she said the New York Times misrepresented her. She also said Trump was always respectful of her, other women, and men and was a gentleman

He wouldn’t be the first politician to admire women either. John F. Kennedy biographer Robert Dallek describes JFK as a “compulsive womanizer” whose insatiable urge for sexual conquests was fueled by a complex array of personal martinlutherkingjfktraumas.  And for what was a long time closely guarded secret, The Reverend Martin Luther King led a double life with a sexual appetite rivaling JFK

Read about other Presidents and their sexual affairs

Tara ConnerFor all the ruckus about —Fat Shaming— Trump actually stood by Alicia Machado when others called for her to be fired.

Tara Conner was another young beauty pageant contestant that Trump stood by.

Most people will never hear how Trump helped Miss Wisconsin 2005, Melissa Young and her Mexican-American son.

trump odonnell

If  you are wondering why Trump has been so vulgar towards Rosie O’Donnell watch this video.  You might not like the way Trump responded, but Rosie attacked Trump and Tara Conner, a young woman for no reason and was pretty vulgar herself as you can see in the video from the View.


Veteran ABC News Reporter Threatened With Arrest Trying To Question Clinton Donor

Brian Ross, a veteran news reporter with ABC news was threatened with arrest after attempting to question a Clinton donor who was placed on Security Board

Rajiv Fernando, the donor, resigned two days after ABC News asked questions.


Allah Is Causing Trump to Make Stupid Mistakes


Democrats like to offer up victims for their political expediency. They send these victims out to do their dirty work. They come under the umbrella of victim so anyone criticizing them is seen as cold, harsh or insensitive. This is exactly what they did when they had Khizr Khan deliver his blistering speech attacking Donald Trump. trump retorted by making note that Khans wife who stood on the stage next to Khan did not say a word. Trump asked is that due to Sharia law. everyone condemned Trump for attacking the father of a fallen solider.

Now the truth of who Khizr Kahn is is coming out. This is the man everyone condemned Trump for standing against after he insulted Trump. A total fraud and political pawn like everything else the democrats do. The reason they get away with it is the MSM never reports or talks about it. Share this so other people can see learn the truth. Don’t be afraid fear will have us all living under Sharia Law .

It so painfully obvious, Khan even went into panic mode. He took down his companies website click here

Khizr Khan: Allah Is Causing Trump to Make Stupid Mistakes

People like Khan and some of today’s politicians have no problem with the United States accommodating and or embracing Sharia law.

While  Mr. Khan waived the constitution asking if Trump had read it remember Khan wants it abolished


First Lady Hopeful Bill Clinton Pleads For Mass Voter Fraud


In an attempt to help assure his wife Hillary Clinton victory in the 2016 Presidential Election and becoming the first male first lady,  Clinton has called for illegals to go against legislation ironically enough he signed into law as President.

Read the whole story at thehill.com





Did The DNC In-Fact Plot Against Bernie Sanders?


Many political experts have believed the fix was in for Hillary from the beginning. This article is pretty convincing that Bernie’s efforts may have all been in vein from the get go.

And now a recently leaked email from the DNC itself seems to conclude what many have suspected.

It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to >>ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he >>has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could >>make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps >>would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.

The leaked emails suggest the Clinton campaign was planning on bringing Bernie Sanders faith or lack-thereof  into question. Based on the email they thought it would get her a few more points.

Read about the leak from Hacker “Guccifer 2.0″