We Don’t Use Chemical Weapons Should Chris Matthews Be Fired?

Multiple Democrats and others are calling for Sean Spicer to be fired after he said;  “Even Hitler Did Not Use Chemical Weapons” 

In 2013 Chris Matthew had this to say about Hitler and Chemical weapons during the first Syrian attack. No one called for Matthews to be fired or said that he was insensitive, stupid, or anything at all, his statement went unchallenged.



Anti-Trump Network-Why Fox News and Every Other Elitist Hate Donald Trump

Since the time of his announcement to run for President Trump has taken a strong stand against —illegal— immigration. The party establishments, big donors, party elites and the media all laughed at him. The American people listened.

Make no mistake the real reason Donald Trump is hated so much is do to his stance on— illegal— immigration. Watch as even Ultra-liberal Chris Matthews agrees.

The issue however, is not a Democrat verse Republican issue, it is establishment elites on both sides that want to continue to allow mass —illegal— immigration.

Both Democrats and Republican elites like— illegal —immigration it brings in cheap labor.

With the Democrats campaign— if your against- illegal- immigration you are against all immigration and a racist,  they have the added benefit of increasing their voting block. Just look at what California recently did to insure no Republican will ever win another election in that state.

Both the President and CEO of Right Wing Fox News wants illegal immigration, that’s the reason Fox attacks him. Look at who Fox will be having ask questions at the debate.  Some YouTube stars?

Immigration has been an issue that has been kicked down the road for decades. Unable to laugh him off, elitist from both sides, wanting to keep it that way are now left trembling in their boots and they will stop at nothing to take Trump down.