No Wonder Other Countries Do Not Want To Renegotiate

When President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement he said he would be willing to renegotiate the agreement. Since then German Chancellor Angela Merkel, France President Emmanuel Macron, and others have said they will not renegotiate.

Really… ???

This agreement has nothing to do with the climate,  it has everything to do with taxing the United States

See all the countries pledges and actual contribution to date 

Lets Face It She “Never Was Funny”



And all the hanger on’rs laugh and clap… “Oh she is so funny…..”
Lets face it Kathy Griffin was never funny, all she ever did was push the envelope. So, when you reach the end, and you have pushed all you can push, you end up beheading the President. There is literally nothing else to do, you have pushed everything as far as it will go.

No wait a minute, I was wrong, you can insult the Presidents 11 year old son. Now the envelope has truly been pushed as far as it can.

No wait another minute, you can hold a press conference with an ambulance chasing attention whore of an attorney,  and then accuse the President, who you chose to hold a depiction of his decapitated head, of being a bully. Now that IS funny….

Congratulations you have pushed the envelope as far as possible

Remember The Ozone Hole ?

Environmentalists are never short of apocalyptic predication’s. Thirty years ago spray can deodorant was regarded as the biggest threat to man-kind. Mans attempt to rid him himself of bodily odors was at the forefront of burning a hole in the earths ozone layer. Environmentalist and politicians campaigned for strict regulations and in 1987 the Montreal Protocol was issued.

Much to the chagrin of environmental extremists everywhere, the Ozone layer began closing before any Protocol regulations could have been credited. It seems the Ozone, like most other parts of nature, is subject to natural variations.

With only natural variations to blame this left environmentalists and members of  Scientism, not Scientology, which Leah Rhemini is helping to expose, scratching their heads.

Thankfully for the Big Business of Environmentalism,   the closing of the Ozone hole is causing increases in Global Warming.

Huh… ?

Just when you think you solved one problem another pops up.

Rosie O’Donnell Dramatic Weight Loss

What happens when Rosie O’Donnell loses weight?

She becomes Kathy Griffin

Long before his Presidency, Rosie, former stand-up comedian, started a feud with Donald Trump back in 2006 Click here to watch the video that started it all . Trump fired back hard and the two have been at it ever since with periods of silence.

Since winning the Presidency Rosie continued insulting Trump and even bringing his family into the insults. Most people found her apology insincere

Not to be out done, Kathy Griffin upstaged Rosie by posing for a picture of a decapitated head that resembled Donald Trump and was covered in blood.

Rosie left the View, a talk show she was co-hosting, and now Kathy has been let go from CNN. Like Rosie, most people found Kathy’s apology insincere .

Where will it all end?


Does Comey Video Clear Trump ?

Several news sites are offering a video clip of FBI Director James Comey testifying to congress that he has never been asked to stop an investigation as proof that President Trump never asked for Comey to drop the case against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

The clip may or may not exonerate President Trump. It is interesting nonetheless, as Comey correctly references how serious an attempt to halt an FBI investigation would be. He makes it clear he has never been asked to stop any investigation by any higher authority.

So if President Trump did in fact request Comey to drop the FBI investigation back in February why didn’t Comey come forward and why is he claiming in this testimony that he has never been asked to drop an investigation by a higher authority? Something doesn’t add up…..

Regardless of how this testimony is interpreted it is clear former Director Comey has his own communication problems.

This NY Post article discusses potential perjury issues for Comey 

Even far left news source The Daily Kos said Comey lied to Congress