Rosie O’Donnell Destroys Miss USA & Donald Trump

If you ever wondered why Trump is so insulting towards Rosie O’Donnell this video will show you exactly how it all began.

Right from the start Rosie, while hosting the show “The View”, absolutely ridicules Tara Conner, 2006 Miss USA, her tone is condescending not only towards Tara, but also towards beauty pageant contestants in general. She says contestants like to party and do crack….

Trump held a press conference after it was discovered that Tara, the 2006 winner of Miss USA, was out partying. People were calling for Tara to lose her crown and Trump decided to give Tara a second chance. Rosie did not like that. She decides to make fun of Tara for crying at the press and apologizing for her inappropriate behavior as Miss USA.

Next Rosie rips into Trump while swooping her air to mimic Trumps unusual hairstyle.

One of the co-hosts attempts to defend Trump and inject a bit of balance to the discussion by correctly pointing out that Trump is a business man who had an obligation to the Miss USA franchise. Rosie was having none of that. She calls Trump a “snake oil sales man”, who has filed “multiple bankruptcies” and “inherited all his money from his family”. All untrue.

Donald Trump, with money from his family, has built a highly successful Real Estate business, like his father. He did get money from his father something he talks about in his first book called “the Art of The Deal” and he left Brooklyn/Queens to build skyscrapers in Manhattan, against his fathers wishes. He has never sold “snake oil” , literally or figuratively. He has built some of the most beautiful buildings and golf courses around the world. He has also had some business failings.

Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, several of his business ventures have. This is something that happens everyday in America, as the co-host correctly tried to make Rosie aware of. Again Rosie was having none of it and chose to stick to her to her own false narrative even after being corrected.

It is painfully obvious Rosie does not like Donald Trump and the only thing that led to her tirade was her bitter, ugly, and nasty hatred. There was no reason for Rosie to have done this. You might not like how Trump responded, he was brutal, calling Rosie a slob and disgusting, but the fact is Rosie was, and continues to be nasty and vile herself.

Trump has also helped out other pageant contestants

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