Brownies Are Not Only Fattening They Might Land You In Jail

Police were recently called in after a 9 year old boy said he wanted a “Brownie” for desert.

While I am not quite sure how saying the word “Brownie ” is offensive.

After all what are we going to call these?

Or these ?

— Free speech— something we still enjoy legally (for now) in the United States— is about protecting our right TO offend.

Limiting speech is all good until— its not so good. Once someone decides a particular word should NOT be said because it is offensive its only a matter of time before— as you can see here— ridiculous.

Elementary School CALLS COPS On Third Grader Who Made ‘Racist’ Comment About Brownies





How The West Will Win

“The prerequisite for the success of Western civilization is not material riches. Economic prosperity and military might on their own are not sufficient. The critical leaven is the confidence in core Western values, such things as free speech, the equality of women, respect for individual rights, the rule of law, the affirmation of faith and family. Hence, the fundamental question facing Western nations today is whether the people continue to nurture the cultural self-confidence in those fundamental values. If they do, the West is unbeatable. If those values dissipate, the West is lost. As long as we know our history,” Trump said, “We will know how to build our future.”


Happy 4th What A Kick In The Ass

Talk about a Kick In The Ass

This is what the United States has become.  Sadly most of these people probably do not even know what the 4th of July is all about. For many its just another day off. (Hopefully paid)

Despite the fact that it could have been their death sentence, on July 4th 1776, members of the Continental Congress signed a document that would forever change the world.

By establishing a place that recognized mans individual liberty and dignity, the United States would emerge and become a refuge for millions of people from all over the world seeking to free themselves from the overbearing and oppressive governments that ruled their native countries.

Today, most protest for more and more collectivist solutions in an effort to solve their ill’s, all to eager to surrender their individual liberty to a government more oppressive than the one our founders fought

That is the Real Kick In The Ass