President-Elect Donald Trump Is Creating Jobs Already

Even though he will not officially be elected President until December 9th, Donald Trump has already began has jobs program designed to get Americans working again.

Best Buy and other electronic stores have reported a large increase in sales of televisions after Tuesday nights surprising results. Unfortunately, as Trump himself pointed out, the United States no longer manufactures televisions.

Trump Appoints Head Of Domestic Affairs Transition Team

The racist and now President Elect —Donald Trump— has appointed Ken Blackwell to lead his transition team. Blackwell formerly served as an undersecretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

ken blackwell

Ken Blackwell, the Ohio Republican selected by President-Elect Donald Trump to lead his domestic issues transition is an outspoken conservative with a history as a party maverick



Hillary Still Has One Last Chance To Win


It is obvious by the demonstrations and the fact that Clinton won the popular vote that Trump is not the peoples choice. And now, thanks to the political experts, we know the real reason Hillary lost. It was NOT because people didn’t like her or her policies, or the fact that she is a criminal. It is because white voters who voted for Obama two times are racist and voted for Trump. As CNN analyst Van Jones called it a— “White-lash.”  And ABC analyst Cokie Roberts reminded everyone the role sexism played a role in Hillary s stunning defeat. So how can Hillary still Win?

Many people do not realize that on November 8th when they went to the polls to vote for President of the United States,  what they actually did was vote for electors who are supposed to represent them on December 9th when the— Actual —election takes place. This video explains how the electoral college works.

Those electors can exercise their conscious and not vote for the candidate their state voted for. In other words, they can change their vote from Trump to Clinton. Read more about this possible scenario at the NY Post- it is a real possibility.

With what know about Hillary and her willingness to bribe just about anyone through the use of the —Clinton Foundation —she can offer BIG rewards to electors willing to change their vote on the December 9th. If she is able to change enough electors minds and ultimately win the election she can just pardon herself after becoming President. If she still loses however, well then, the Department of Justice can prosecute her quickly before Trump takes office and Obama can pardon her. There is nothing to lose at this point.

So keep up the demonstrationsflag burning-and physical assaults . And lets hope Hillary can change some electors minds before Decemeber 9th.

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Start Believing In Yourself

Donald Trump Make America Great“All I see everywhere I travel in this nation — and I’ve been everywhere — is untapped potential waiting to be realized,” Trump told the people. “If we unlock the potential of this country and its incredible people, no dream is outside of our reach.”

“If we stop believing in our failed politicians and start believing in ourselves, then anything — anything — is possible,” Trump said. “I’m asking you to dream big, to push for bold change, and to believe in a movement powered by our love for each other and our love for our country. That is how we will truly make America great again.”

Watch the whole speech