If you think Donald Trump has some outrageous ideas, wait until you meet Germany’s AfD party.

Frauke Petry
Frauke Petry

Meet Germany’s version of Donald Trump

Like Trump, her rhetoric hasn’t damaged AfD support but rather struck a chord with those disgruntled with the establishment parties, in particular nabbing voters unhappy with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy for refugees. Continuing reading what is happening in Germany

The Greed of American Politicians….How Much More?


Bloated Government
Bloated Government

2016 is off to a record year for tax collectors. The U.S. federal government collect a record high amount in taxes. Meanwhile some politicians are claiming we need to raise taxes even higher in order to solve Americas fiscal problems. Exactly how much more does the government need in order to fix things? Click here to see the numbers  

Bernie Sanders Chose Running Mate ?

William Powell
William Powell Facebook

Bernie Sanders has selected William Powell— a young African-American man— from his home town of Brooklyn New York to be his Vice Presidential running mate in the 2016 Presidential race.

Sanders selected Powell based on his youth and his extraordinary ability to take from those that have and it give it the those that need.

The selection is set to be formally announced once Powell makes bail.

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