Warning Offensive Language…..Chris Rock before he became liberally infected.

This 1996 Stand-Up HBO special brought Chris Rock critical acclaim along with 2 Emmy Awards and propelled him into Movie stardom.

Now after achieving success others of any color would envy, Rock, a vocal critic of racism, says race his impacted his career.


Response To Catholic Vote

  1. CV-Dump-Trump-Email-v2-580x350-1-580x336The judgmental tone is surprising coming from a Catholic organization; apparently they feel God mercy is privy to only a few. No one knows what is in Trumps heart. His children all appear to be upstanding kids if that is worth anything. Let us remember who attacked whom first. John McCain insulted everyone with his “Trump fired up the crazies” comment. Where is the outcry from CV?
  2. Ronald Reagan was a liberal democrat also. Trump is very candid about his support of democrats; it is how the world works. He wants to change how the world works. If he were a real opportunist, he would run as a democrat.
  3. He has not refused to give details. Some policies will have to wait. Whoever gives out full details in campaign mode? His immigration plan and tax plan both received good reviews from conservatives and are available on his website. He has also agreed to not take a salary, walk away from his business to do the best he believes for America. You might not like him but he does get things done. See, Wolman skating rink.
  4. Only the naïve believe everything anyone touches turns to gold. Perhaps the folks over at CV should familiarize themselves with the Babe Ruth analogy. Trump violated no laws and his business s practices are executed every day.
  5. What is CV plan to end illegal immigration? They do not have one except more of the same, a lot of talk, little action for years, then amnesty. Something even conservative giant Reagan did.
  6. Other then appointing justices there is little the President can do regarding the life issue. Justice appointments have not always worked out so well see Justice Roberts.
  7. Why doesn’t he run as a Democrat, he would at least not be attacked by the DNC.

Why conservatives can go with Trump

Ten things you probably didn’t know about Donald Trump

The real reason Fox and Elitist hate Trump

Presidential candidates like everyone else have flaws. Vote for who you want. CV however, has not offered any meaningful excuse to not vote for Trump.


Anti-Trump Network-Why Fox News and Every Other Elitist Hate Donald Trump

Since the time of his announcement to run for President Trump has taken a strong stand against —illegal— immigration. The party establishments, big donors, party elites and the media all laughed at him. The American people listened.

Make no mistake the real reason Donald Trump is hated so much is do to his stance on— illegal— immigration. Watch as even Ultra-liberal Chris Matthews agrees.

The issue however, is not a Democrat verse Republican issue, it is establishment elites on both sides that want to continue to allow mass —illegal— immigration.

Both Democrats and Republican elites like— illegal —immigration it brings in cheap labor.

With the Democrats campaign— if your against- illegal- immigration you are against all immigration and a racist,  they have the added benefit of increasing their voting block. Just look at what California recently did to insure no Republican will ever win another election in that state.

Both the President and CEO of Right Wing Fox News wants illegal immigration, that’s the reason Fox attacks him. Look at who Fox will be having ask questions at the debate.  Some YouTube stars?

Immigration has been an issue that has been kicked down the road for decades. Unable to laugh him off, elitist from both sides, wanting to keep it that way are now left trembling in their boots and they will stop at nothing to take Trump down.



Clinton in Vegas during Porn Convention-Trump Not a Conservative

trump-finger-not-a-conservativeFirst they laughed at him, called him a—clown, and—not a serious candidate.

They said— he would be out of the race quickly. Now with less than two weeks before voting begins the supposed—True Conservativesthe intellectuals—the elitist snobs—have issued a—manifesto—against Donald Trump. You can Read it here.

These are many of the same conservatives who offered us John McCain, forced Sarah Palin down his throat, then laughed at her when they lost the election. In other words they controlled him.

These are the same conservatives that remained silent while the—conservative congress— funded Obama Care and Planned Parenthood


President Obama has threatened to shut down the government if congress de-funds executive amnesty. The same government— conservative Republicans— were afraid to shut down. Read Story

President Obama is considering giving $117 Billion to Cuba. Read the story

The Obama administration has released one of al Qaeda’s most skilled explosives experts, a man personally praised by Osama bin Laden and who created the shoe-bomb design.. Read the story

Hillary Clinton repeatedly lies about— Top…Top Secret— classified emails, yet she is still running for President.  Read Story

Bill Clinton is headed to Las Vegas during the Porn Convention. Read Story

The White House admitted Iran will use part of sanction relief funds to fund terrorism. Read Story

An illegal immigrant from Mexico duct tape the mouth a baby, then offered the baby for sex. Read Story

The Senate blocked a bill that would have allowed for more thorough screening of refugees entering the country.  Read Story

And—True Conservatives—are in tail spin over the possible nomination of Donald Trump? Why the vitriol you might ask…?

One problem they claim to have with Trump is his history of supporting Democrats in the past. ( he also supported democrat in disguise John McCain) Some claim Trump is actually a liberal Democrat. They don’t bother to say why he would not run for President as a Democrat, especially since the DNC would treat him better then the RNC.

Another less than brilliant claim the make is his changing position on abortion. According to—True Conservatives—unless you have been Pro-Life, your whole life, you cannot be Pro-Life. Someone needs to tell that to the millions of Americans who have switched their position since Roe v Wade.

They also tell us—he has no political experience— this has to make you wonder, what reasons will they find next not to like Trump. After all, even far left loon Ed Schultz knows Trump is more than capable of doing the job—I think he would function very well as president of the United States. I think he’s used to making decisions. I think that he can manage teams. He can put the fear of God in people to make sure that they perform and he’ll make cuts and he’ll do things that, he’ll, I believe that he would be a very good manager… – Read more

Trump is no doubt not a philosophically grounded conservative ideologue. I have written before he is a practical conservative. He sees problems, and finds solutions, solutions that are not based in an ideology, instead solutions he thinks will work regardless of political philosophical underpinnings. As Mychal Massie writes, Trump is a pragmatist.

Many of his pragmatic solutions are however rather conservative: Read some of them here.

Watch a young Donald Trump give a senator a lesson in economics Watch it

Watch liberal Donald Trump say we should not raise the minimum wage

Watch liberal Donald Trump disagree with Conservative Pope Francis on immigration and climate change.

Trump wants to bring back Merry Christmas. Ben Shapiro writes—There’s one man in the presidential race who understands that frustration, and he’s bringing political incorrectness back. Read the story

Read why Its OK to support Trump even if he is not conservative enough

Even Ronald Reagan had some missteps that were not liked by conservatives. You don’t hear that from the elitists.  No one is going to be perfect, except elitists. But actions do speak louder than words, and they certainly speak louder than labels. Label Trump however you like. We have seen—true conservatives—in action and the results have been less than impressive.

Maybe it is time we supported someone who cares about the Country more than their own re-election, someone who is not beholden to special interests and wants to be liked by everyone.

The fact is Trump is resonating with a diverse group of Americans who feel betrayed by— true conservatives. All these people can’t be stupid. Instead of issuing manifestos, offer advice. Listen to his supporters, just because they don’t speak your language doesn’t make them less conservative, stupid or brain dead followers.

He may or may not listen, but at least you will have done something constructive, something this manifesto is not.

Remember they laughed at—True Conservative—Ronald Reagan before and after he was elected.

Marco Rubio Brilliant Answer to Atheist Question

Marco Rubio gave a brilliant answer to an atheist question. Many people think the only way to help your neighbor is with a government program. Unfortunately that is usually the least best way to help someone. Charity starts within us


The Trump-Sander’s Revolt- A VERY Good Thing

trump_sandersThe Democratic National Committee (DNC), and its big donors want Hillary Clinton elected. On the other side, the Republican National Committee (RNC), and its big donors want Jeb Bush elected. Both candidates have received millions from Wall Street and are the choice of the establishment. Yet two dark horses lead in the polls, and are capturing the minds of millions of voters; the brash and bombastic billionaire from New York and the socialist from Vermont.

Trump who pledged to fund his own campaign has spent less money then anyone in history, and Sanders has raised a record amount of money from small donors.

Both are turning the conventional wisdom that says—big money rules—upside down.

So even if you think Trump or Sanders would be a complete disaster for the country, either ones election would demonstrate a—Revolt— against a rigged system. Either of them securing victory would send a devastating message, one that will help future candidates and unclog a broken system.

My very short, partial, explanation for why the system seems rigged for the benefit of rich people has to do with the fact that complexity is a subsidy. The more rules and regulations the government creates, the more it creates a society where people with resources — good educations, good lawyers, good lobbyists, and good connections — can rise while those without such resources are left to climb hurdles on their own. On this basic point, Donald Trump is indisputably right. Bribing politicians to come to your wedding may seem insecure and weird, but there’s no doubt the ability to do so comes with payoffs. Big government by its very nature helps people who know how to game the system. Jonah Goldberg National Review

Liberal democrat says—Donald Trump’s election will show that we, the American people, choose our leaders, not the establishment. Read the article from Armand Wolf in the Huffington Post

Thinking about the Social Issues

Proud ConservativeA recent poll shows 71% of Republicans willing to vote for a non-establishment candidate.  At the end of the day we never know how someone will actually govern as compared to their campaign rhetoric. For example, few if any of his detractors understood how Obama would have— Ruled— over us. This is also true for conservatives. Republicans fought hard in 2010 and again in 2014 to elect—True Conservatives—and the results have been far less than anyone would have predicted.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I am VERY pro-life and would love to see Roe v Wade overturned, however we can, and have been winning the abortion issue in spite of this heinous ruling. When R v W was decided the majority of Americans were pro-choice, which is a nice way of saying they were OK with abortion. 40 years later, with the Catholic Church and evangelicals leading the way, the majority of Americans are now pro-life. This is part of the reason why Hillary Clinton is performing so badly. Young women today do not view the abortion issue with the fever they did just 10 years ago. 
The effort now is to restore the hearts and minds of people in regards to marriage, an effort that has just now just begun in earnest.
It is far more important to change the hearts of people than the law. We can have all sorts of horrific laws that violate moral conscious, but if we change the hearts of people, they can be laws of little consequence. In other words we can have a law that allows abortion with no one actually having an abortion. The same is true for marriage, we can have a law that allows same sex marriage, and at the same time have few if any actual same sex marriages.
Other laws however, are more difficult, and some impossible to ignore. For example, economic laws that allow the government to confiscate your income legally has no remedy. Likewise, confiscating your gun or forcing commerce upon you, are not laws you can chose to ignore.
As much as I would like to legislate morality, today, with all of the tremendous problems facing this Nation, social issues, can at least for this moment, take a back burner. It is far more important that you and your family have the right to protect yourself, to keep the efforts of your labor, and be free, than it is to legislate morality. You can chose not to have an abortion or marry someone of the same sex.  You however, become powerless when your labor is stolen from you.
President Obama has done significant damage to this country, mostly with a supposed—true conservative—congress and senate. It should be crystal clear that the Republican establishment has left conservatives—out to dry. This is why the same establishment fear candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. They have NO control over them. Whether you like him or not, Trump has done more to change the political landscape and break the dominance of special interests and establishment insiders then any politician in recent history.
I concede to his detractors, that he is bombastic, has an ego and is brash. I will however, not concede, that you can be assured, any of the establishment candidates will do different than the ones already sent to congress.
We have been fed nothing but excuses as to why things can’t get done. Perhaps Trump is naive to think he can accomplish what he promises. I for one am certain he will fight like no one else.
Apparently 71% of Republicans feel the same way. So before you criticize such a sizable amount of the electorate as —drinking Koolaid —or— not being informed—ask yourself, where exactly has the support for —True Conservative—gotten us thus far? And just maybe, the 71% are on too something?
Win or lose Trump has provided the road map for future 3rd party and other candidates to touch the American voter. He has proven you don’t need insiders and donors if you have the right message. And for that alone you should thank him whether your a Democrat or Republican.

Top Doctor Claims Obama Care Death Spiral Has Begun

Dr. Lee Hieb, M.D., past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons says— there’s a death spiral in medicine already because it’s creating shortages of doctors and hospital closures, and that’s a business death spiral the medical community’s already starting to be in. Read more 

Listen to Dr Hieb potentially better solution