We Don’t Use Chemical Weapons Should Chris Matthews Be Fired?

Multiple Democrats and others are calling for Sean Spicer to be fired after he said;  “Even Hitler Did Not Use Chemical Weapons” 

In 2013 Chris Matthew had this to say about Hitler and Chemical weapons during the first Syrian attack. No one called for Matthews to be fired or said that he was insensitive, stupid, or anything at all, his statement went unchallenged.



Did Madonna Spank Anderson Cooper Consensually?

During the 2nd 2016 Presidential debate— Anderson Cooper— questioned Donald Trump about an audio tape leaked by by the Washington Post. In the audio, Trump, engaged in a private conversation with another man, said that women allow him to kiss them and grab them due to his celebrity status. Cooper charged —“That is sexual assault.”   I am not quite sure how allowing is assault, but watch this video and see if you think Cooper allowed himself to be spanked on stage in front of thousands of people. The video is from Madonna’s song “Unapologetic Bitch”

It is hard to tell from this video but it looks like Cooper was being held by four other men while Madonna spanked Cooper. What do you think? Can spanking ever be consensual?

More Trump Tapes Are On The Way !!!

Geraldo Rivera, long time journalist, late night tweeter and former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, says he has damaging tapes of Donald Trump.  While Geraldo said he has never heard Trump say the word —pussy— and he has never seen Trump come on to any of the women on the program, he would not say what the tapes he has contain. Read what Geraldo has to say about releasing those tapes and more at politico

Geraldo Rivera

Whether Geraldo releases his tapes or not remains to be seen. But we can be rest assured more Trump vulgarities will come out and the —self righteous —piety of the media and others will continue.

It makes one wonder, have these people not turned on a television or gone to the movies in the last 20 years? Our media is filled with this sexual garbage. Who exactly was buying all those “Fifty Shades of Grey Books” ? Maybe if Trump talked about spanking these women and not just grabbing them people would not be as upset?

They Could Not Help Hillary Anymore Than They Have….

The media does not even try to hide their bias any longer. This was from two years ago—Nothing has changed. Now she has the Department of Justice doing all they can.

Recently the DOJ decided to not investigate the Clinton foundation even with all of this evidence