Black Queer Protester Removed from Clinton Fundraiser …..

It looks like Donald Trump is NOT the only candidate removing protesters from campaign events

The protester had this to say to a Washington Post reporter

“As a black queer person, I understand how I don’t always get to be in control of how I’m perceived in spaces,” Williams said. “I’m especially not always in control of the way I’m perceived when I’m raising my voice to speak out against injustices. So I’m not surprised that I was told that I was being rude.” Read the whole story at the Washington Post here

Here are some other people Hillary Clinton has removed from events:

This guy was removed when he held up a sign the read:

“Yes Ms. Clinton it does make a difference”

Black Lives Matter Protesters were removed when they came to complain about Hillary’s support for the death penalty.

Not to be outdone by his wife Bill Clinton has protesters removed too:

This guy is a Marine who came to ask a question Bill did not like