The Devil Can Not Stand Truth.

The devil can not stand up to truth. Its nature is to lie and deceive. It is cunning and master at half truths— This is WHY

Global warming activists do not want to debate those that challenge them. They claim  The Science Is Settled” 

People that hold traditional marriage views are silenced and forced to comply by threat of economic ruin

We are told taking guns from law-abiding citizens and leaving them in the hands of criminals will reduce gun violence. Who else could author such complete and utter nonsense?

The same science that tells us sexual orientation is innate — that boys are boys and girls are girls — yet parents can lose their children if they oppose LGBT agenda

Boys who claim to be girls — beat girls in track meets. 







Muslims tell us their plans to take over  and repeatedly let us know they are unwilling to assimilate, yet those who voice concern are called Phobic and Racist by leaders who claim to know better than actual Muslims

The same science used to disprove God and prove Global warming — tells us life begins at conception not at birth — yet the killing continues.  Over 700,000 babies are murdered each year just in the United States and approximately 13,000 are FULLY developed babies that could survive outside the womb are killed.

Meanwhile we are worried about bug spray on our tomatoes

Call it what you want — primarily — Satan is in the business of trying to deceive us—trying to make something look like the truth but it’s a lie; it’s a deception.

It definitely does NOT want to hear the truth so it silences its opponents even on college campuses where thoughts and ideas are supposed to be challenged and formulated


Remember The Ozone Hole ?

Environmentalists are never short of apocalyptic predication’s. Thirty years ago spray can deodorant was regarded as the biggest threat to man-kind. Mans attempt to rid him himself of bodily odors was at the forefront of burning a hole in the earths ozone layer. Environmentalist and politicians campaigned for strict regulations and in 1987 the Montreal Protocol was issued.

Much to the chagrin of environmental extremists everywhere, the Ozone layer began closing before any Protocol regulations could have been credited. It seems the Ozone, like most other parts of nature, is subject to natural variations.

With only natural variations to blame this left environmentalists and members of  Scientism, not Scientology, which Leah Rhemini is helping to expose, scratching their heads.

Thankfully for the Big Business of Environmentalism,   the closing of the Ozone hole is causing increases in Global Warming.

Huh… ?

Just when you think you solved one problem another pops up.